Advanced features in .NET that an architect MUST know

Easwaran Paramasivam
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Hi Experts,

   I have 7 yrs of experience in .NET. I would like to become an architect in .NET. For that what are all the features that I must be familiar with in .NET. Please do share if any document/resource/link that you followed to become familiar with the same.

  Thanks in advance.
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Ted BouskillSenior Software Developer
Top Expert 2009

I'd recommend that you learn how to scale a farm out by running multiple servers using load balancing and either the session state service or the database state service instead of in memory sessions on a single server.

I think you should also be familiar with Kerberos and how it can be used to relay windows credentials from a web server to other servers.

Finally any architect should understand security considerations both for internal sites as well as internet sites.  MSDN has great articles on all those topics.
Thanks. Could you please share some links/resources?
Senior Software Developer
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These might not be the most recent but they will get you started.

ASP.NET State Management

Windows Network Load Balancing


ASP.NET Authentication

ASP.NET Security (from a great MS site on ASP.NET)

Search the web for articles on n-tier and n-layer architecture as well
I would like to get much more information.

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