Dell Poweredge 2950 PCI-E riser card.

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I;d like to expand the number fo available PCI-E ports on our older Poweredge 2950 file server to enable me to fit a SAS card for an LTO5 backup.
At the moment, the only PCI-E port available is in use by a fibre HBA which is connected to our EMC SAN.

I have looked into the : Dell H6183 Poweredge PE 2950 PCI-E 8x 4x Riser Board which looks sufficient but can someone please confirm this for me?

The only other ports available at the moment are the 2 PCI-X ports (one of which is occupied by as SCSI card for the older LTO2 backup drive, which will of course be replaced.)

I am assuming that this PCI-X riser will be replaced by the PCI-E riser?

Any help would be great!
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Yes, you will replace the PCI-X riser with the PCIe riser.  

Which version of the 2950 do you have - I, II, or III (it will have a label in the top-right of the front of the chassis if it is II or III, or you can check OMSA - System, Main System Chassis, Information, System Revision (must have BIOS version 2.3 or higher).

I would also take the opportunity to upgrade your BIOS and ESM for this upgrade.


Thankyou very much for your advice :) I have found numerous refurbs for less than £20/$30

BIOS is 2.5 and its a Poweredge 2950 II.

I have found and will apply the 2.7 BIOS at the end of the day.
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Sounds good ... take care!

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