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I have a client who is using SBS 2008.

Within exchange there is a transport rule which is configured as “Any Emails messages sent to the specified User, Copy the message to a distribution group” and this all works fine except for “Non delivery reports”.

This user sends out mailshots and sometimes gets quite a few NDRs. All other email is fine the group receives a copy but NDRs are only received by sender.

I have tried disabling the Transport rule and using the forward function within the Mail Flow Setting of the users properties, but there is no change, exactly the same thing happens.
Does anyone know the reason for this and how I can fix?

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Neither NDRs nor DSNs are able to be forwarded to DLs or public folders by design.  There is a workaround, which I have not tried or even messed with, so hopefully this helps :

edit: PS - at least it's not a reg hack like in 2003 =)


Thank you for the advice and pointing me in the right direction.

There was only one other person that needed to see the NDRs, so to overcome this problem, I kept the transport rule in place (which was sending all emails to a distribution Group) and within the "Specified User" Mail Properties, I forwarded all emails to both mailboxes (User who needed to see the NDRs).


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