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I need to plot oil production for each well on the attached spreadsheeet versus time in Excel. The problem is that I need these curves to start from a commun time zero. I cannot have them start at different times. Each one of these wells has a very different and random dates. My current process is to label each date as day 1 of production, day2, day 3 and then create a pivit chart but this is taking me a long time. Can you please help.
Thank you
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Hi, sofiabas.

I'm not sure I've fully understood what you're looking, but please see attached. There are three different possible solutions...
"Yellow" - Ignores the specific dates so the results are simply the 1st, 2nd etc. for that well.
"Green" - Ignores the day, so the results are the number of months since the 1st entry for that well.
"Blue" - The results are the number of days since the well's first entry.

Please note that each solution requires the file to be in the same sequence as your file (Date within Well Name).

Thanks, sofiabas.

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