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i have set up a user on ad2003 and usually when a new account is created it will connect the user to the right drives (when i apply them to be a member of specific groups).

i have applied them to correct group however when i login as them i can see the network drives?
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The drives could be mapped either by a login script or possibly by group policy. If you check another user who gets the drives mapped correctly and go to their profile tab do they have a bat or VBS file listed. If so then you will need to add that to the new user your just created.

Otherwise you may be applying your mapped drives by GPO. In that case you will need to make sure that the user is in the same OU as a user whos mapped drives are working correctly.

This should be a good start to your troubleshooting, check these out and report back.
If user dont have access for the drive then it will not map for the user. Hence check if the user has right permission for the folder.


i checked the profile tab I needed to added a default.bat under the profile tab and that appears to have worked!

thanks v much for you help.

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