NEED EXCEL Function - Imported data needs to be converted from Text to Number

linwoodmwright used Ask the Experts™
I'm importing data from a SQL Server 2008 Standard DB to Excel 2010.
The Column I'm importing is varchar and I need a function to convert it to a number in Excel so that I can run an IF function.

I've tried a lot of functions, but nothing does the trick.

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NorieAnalyst Assistant

There are various ways you could do it, without a formula.

Here's one.

Select a blank cell, select the data to be converted, goto Paste>Paste Speciall... and in the Operation section select Add(or Subtract).

Or you could convert it in SQL using CAST/CONVERT.


Thanks imnorie - This is a database connection, not a copy/paste import.  And, the data will be re-imported daily.

I cannot modify the SQL Server DB.
Analyst Assistant
If you simply want to conver to a number in the IF use the double negative, eg --A2


hmm - I've never seen that one.

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