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Remote Sessions Terminate w/o Warning when another RDC is started...

We have set up some VM's with XP SP3 to provide remote access to office resources for our technicians.  We also use these as launching points when the techs need to VPN to a customer site (that way I only have to maintain the VPN clients on one PC.

We can successfully Remote to the VMs, but if another user remotes to the same VM the first (or current) session is terminated w/o warning the current user or the new user...

Is there a way to fore-warn the new user coming in that they are about to evict someone else, or fore-warn the current user that they are about to be evicted?

I believe that on a Server op/sys, the incoming user is warned when someone is already logged on the console and will be kicked off...

I looked at Local Policies but could not find anything applicable...

Ray L.
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Aha!  I only have the one account.  Will do that immediately.  So simple!