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I need a graph similar to this:
ExampleObviously there are eight columns, two for each quarter.  Each of the two columns for each quarter represents two years (2011 and 2012).  Each column represents two values, Income (yellow) and Expense (Cyan)

In the Chart Expert, I select 'For each record' to be year and 'Show Values' of Income and Expense.

I can get a single set of two columns (any particular quarter), but how do I get all quarters to show up as in the example graph?

My query currently returns Year, Value Type (I = income, E = expense) and the values for each month which I calculate to give me the values per quarter.  So, I might have two records that return values such as this:
Year   Type   January   February   March     April
2011     I    600000    650000     500000    450000
2012     I    800000	900000     550000    600000
2011     E    800000	900000     900000    1000000
2012     E    900000	1000000    14000000  1000000

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(Only showing to April 'cause I got tired of typing, but you get the idea)

I can modify the query if needed.

Hopefully I got my needs across.  :)

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WHen you put the fields on the chart, you can set the "time frame".

Open the report
Right click the chart
Select the date field in the box
Set the time to be QUARTER




I'm not quite following...

What date field?  In which box?

There are no "group options" available that I can see.  In the Data Tab there is a frame named "Layout" which has several buttons, all disabled except for "Advanced" which is currently selected.  One of the disabled options is "Group" but I do not know how to enable it.

I'm prettry sure this is not possible using your data structure and teh standard CR charts
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Fair enough.  So how do I need to change the data structure (or how do I use "non-standard" CR charts)?

First step is to see if there is a chart available that does what you need, You can purchase add on charts here

Only then will you knwo what format the data needs to be in


While the graphs from Three D Graphics look pretty cool, I'm not quite ready to plop down $1500 for one chart that may only be used one time.
You said that you used "For each record".  Normally for something like this, you would use "On change of", select a date field, click on the Order button below that and select "for each quarter".  Then you would get a bar for each quarter.  That's what mlmcc was suggesting in his first post.  But that's not an option with that data, since all of the quarters are in one record.

 If you can change the data, the simplest thing might be to put each month or quarter in a separate record.  You'd have to include a date, or the month or quarter (and the year), in the data.  With the date, the chart could group on that.  With the year and the month or quarter, the report could use a formula to create a date (or a quarter designation, like Q1, Q2, etc.), which could be used in the chart.



I ended up using a different (line) chart.  But the recommendation to seperate the quarters in the records (one record for each quarter) made life just a little easier.

You're welcome.  Glad I could help.


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