Matlab Vs Maple

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Hi guys,
Could you provide me some pros and cons about this two programs?

I want to start and end my engineering life just with one of them. But which one?
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Maple, Mathmatica, and Macsyma are all focused on and geared to symbolic mathematics: solving and simplifying integrals, and solving differential equations.  They also have extensive 2- and 3-D graphic capabilities.

Engineers certainly need all kinds of mathematics, and maybe one of these packages will have just what you need.

Matlab grew out of LINPAC and EISPAC, libraries for handling matrix data in FORTRAN.  You can use it solve integrals and ODE's numerically.  It is great for Finite Element Analysis.
But it doesn't have any inherent symbolic capabilities.  

You can get a Maple Toolbox for Matlab:

There is no single best tool for anything as broad as Engineering.


However let me explain the situation.
I am a delphi programmer for years  I also learned twenty more programs in time. Including MikroC for PIC programming and even I developped some little electronical devices. And built them with electronical parts. I also learned 3d drawing with different programs for my machine designs.

Now I need to produce some robots which can see (as needed), touch, sense and manipulate.
Honestly instead of hiring some little Asians with low salary I want to hire the robots I designed, whose parts also produced by me, assembled by me and controlled computer aided programmaticly by me.

Therefore I am not sure I will ever need to solve symbolic mathematics.

Here is the situation and problem: What would Iron man chose for data analysis :)

Note: my personal website is you can see what I have done to evaluate my works and aims. (It has also English version)
Iron Man would write all his code in assembly language.
He would also make his own IC's from scratch and avoid snide racist comments.
Good luck.
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It wasn't racist comment. It was just humanity and having sad feelings for those human beings. It was against hiring little Asians as someone do.

Besides I think you also need some little arrangement in your mind to understand "what exactly someone says"

And the last thing, your comment was wrong. Neither iron man nor bily gate can write something effectively using assembly.

Thats why high level languages like delphi and C was developed.

Good luck, you average level program knowledge answering man.


thank you for answers. But as far as I see they are not the ones I am looking for...

There is a trial period you can try both and decide what best suits you


good approach but try means "learn first then try" but I asked this question not to waste my time learning 2 or more programs.
Dirk HaestProject manager

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