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Exchange 2010 Mailbox Auto-mapping is crashing Outlook 2010

I have Exchange 2010 running on Small Business Server 2011 Standard and a couple of my end-users need access to multiple exchange mailboxes and so I have granted permissions using the "Manage Full Access Permission" option in Exchange Management Console.

My end-users clients machines are running Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit and Outlook 2010 but the problem is that once the shared mailboxes auto-map into Outlook it keeps crashing and a message comes up stating they are sending a message to Microsoft and then Outlook restarts.  This has occurred on a few different PC's and with a few different mailboxes.  At present the only fix is to remove the permissions in the Exchange Management Console and then the shared mailboxes are removed from the Outlook profile.  I urgently need to get this resolved  and so any assistance would be very much appreciated.  Is there another way of adding the mailbox to the outlook profile without using the auto-mapping as this appears to be causing the problem.

Many thanks
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Couple of ways:

You can add the users to a security group, then apply those permissions to the security group. The auto-mapping only happens when permissions are granted directly to a user.

Or, you can grant the permissions directly to a user, then open ADSIEdit.msc with the Default naming context. Drill down to the mailbox that is being automapped, and go to its properties. Find the 'MSExchDelegateLinkLink' and remove the entry there for the user who doesn't want it mapped.
Would be interested to know whats causing outlook to crash

Check the clients have Office 2010 sp1 installed

Also, would have then close outlook and open using
Start>Run>Outlook.exe /safe

See if the client crashes here
If it does, i would suspect that there is a add in that causing the email to crash
Could then look at disabling the faulting add in via the registry

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Thank you for your replies CKRATSCH & APACHE09.  I firstly tried your approach ckratsch but Outlook still crashed.  One thing I noted was that I used auto-mapping on a client PC that is running Outlook 2010 but on a Windows XP OS and Outlook it running fine and has not crashed once.  I haved added an additional five mailboxes through auto-mapping and it is working perfectly.  Whereas when I try the auto-mapping of mailboxes or manually using ckratsch's approach on Outlook 2010 running on a Windows 7 Enterprise OS it crashes.  I have tried it on two desktops and one laptop and they all have Office 2010 SP1 installed but they still crash.

I will try to run Outlook in safe mode on the Windows 7 Enterprise machines and see how I can on and will post an update shortly.  Thank you for your continued assistance
I ran Outlook in safe mode and it worked fine.  I then tried disabling the add-in in the registry one by one but Outlook continued to crash.  Not sure were to go from here to be honest
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Thanks again apache09, at present it looks like Eset Smart Security might be causing the crash, I have disabled the email anti-virus and anti-spam protection for now and so far Outlook has not crashed again.  Naturally this is not ideal but I will continue to monitor for a day and see where I go from here.  Thank you.
Actually we have eset as well

By default we disable all Emon Monitoring as Outlook Intergration not only can cause errors as above, but can also result in Email Bodys being received blank

As long as you have the rest of Eset Running, and only have OUtlook Integration disabled
If a virus came through, it would still pick it up

A bit curious if the advice given above was true, and helped you to stop outlook from crashing why you gave a "B" grade

B grades should onyl be given to experts who provide an incomplete answer, or have only pointed you in the direction of finding the answer yourself
Apache09, that was clearly an oversight on my part, you deserved an A+ all the way.  Is it possible for me to change the grade awarded as I will happily do so.  Thanks again and I look forward to hearing back from you.
Many thanks, TheMurman
No worries

You can request attention by using the request attention link just below the original question

you can then ask for the grade to be changed