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I obviously don't understand the  Tab Text property in SSMS.  I would like to change the tabs in the query window of SQL Server Management Studio 2008

What I see in the tabs now when I edit a
Table            --> Server Name / Database Name / Table Name
View             --> Server Name / Database Name / View Name
Stored Procedure --> SQLQuery.SQL

What I >>Want to see<<  when I edit a
Table            --> Table Name
View             --> View Name
Stored Procedure --> Procedure Name

In Tools/Options/Editor Tab and Status Bar / Tab Text  - I have the following
Include db name - False
Include file name - True
Include login name - False
Include Server name - False

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Yes, I agree it would be nice, but I don't think it's offered.

There is no filename for, for example, a stored procedure, so SSMS makes one up as it loads it, so it gets saved there periodically to save you from losing it in crashes. It doesn't make it the same as the sproc, for example, so it doesn't overwrite stuff already on disk.





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