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I support an Exchange server 2010 environment that is experiencing disk space issues due to log file accumulation.  Our email Database files reside on the D:\ drive and log files are written to the L:\ drive.  The L:\ drive fills up every few days.

Our only method of backup is vRanger VM backing up the VMs to a NAS device.  Using a backup to a tape drive with software is not an option for financial reasons.

Is there a way for us to determine whether logs have been committed to the Exchange database,  and a way to cleanly (and possibly automatically) clear out logs so that our drive doesn’t fill up?
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Transaction log files will not commit and flush until you run a full backup of the database. If you're never going to do database backups, you need to set each database to enable circular logging, so those logs don't overflow.

Just be aware that you will lose a lot of recovery capability when you do this. Even now, if you have multiple databases, and you lose one, you'll have to revert to the last VM snapshot, which means you will lose all the mail that was generated in the intervening hours (days?). If you were doing DB backups, you could just restore that one DB, and it would replay all the transaction logs, and you'd lose nothing.

A better option might be to set up a Windows Backup job to do full database backups to disk on the mail server, and keep a few of those before deleting them. They'd get saved with your VM snapshot, and you could keep a week or two live all the time, so you had some recovery path that wasn't just "blow the VM back on."
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As suggested by ckratsch do a full backup to clear the logs. Logs will be cleared by the system.

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