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How do I redirect output from psftp command

I created a file (contents below) via tsql stored procedure and ran it via ftp -s:

open server_ip
cd /itadmin/PostIngres/Billpay/
verbose off
ls EUWCC* D:\Integra\BILLPAY\WORKING\ftp_file_list.dat

I need to do the same except using sftp so I downloaded putty sftp (called via psftp on command line) - however I can't redirect the out to a file on the server like in ftp  "ls EUWCC* D:\Integra\BILLPAY\WORKING\ftp_file_list.dat" and when I use ls or dir in psftp I get

drwxr-x--- 2 ftpadmin ftpadmin        0 May 17 13:31 .
drwxr-x--- 2 ftpadmin ftpadmin        0 May 15 10:11 ..
-rwxr-x--- 1 ftpadmin ftpadmin    21018 May 17 13:31 EUCO213110501.DAT
-rwxr-x--- 1 ftpadmin ftpadmin    11779 May 17 13:21 EUWEX.DAT
-rwxr-x--- 1 ftpadmin ftpadmin        0 May 15 11:43 This is wexccuser

instead of just the file names?
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>>>ls EUWCC* D:\Integra\BILLPAY\WORKING\ftp_file_list.dat

Try this instead:
ls -1 EUWCC* D:\Integra\BILLPAY\WORKING\ftp_file_list.dat
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No not looking for a log of what happened, ls-1 is not a valid command

What I'm trying to do is get a clean listing of the files and redirect this output to a file on the my server over psftp (or some other way of connecting via sftp).
not quiet what I'm after but close