winsxs folder growth

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I've already searched the KB and found that there really is no solution to the winsxs folder size continuing to grow.
The question I'd like to pose -- I have an Intel Xeon processor in the server, can I delete all the AMD folders in the winsxs folder without causing harm to the system?  That would free up about 4.5 GB of space for me.
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According to these, I would leave those:*-files-in-WINSXS-on-Intel-PC

Apparently, "AMD64" is the name Microsoft gave for all the 64-bit stuff. AMD came out with x64 before Intel, and Intel runs the same instruction set.


Wow, not what I was hoping to hear but thank you for this.  I guess I'm going to have to rebuild/redesign the server in question to make the C: drive bigger.

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