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Fortigate 80c - Vlan setup


I setup a new Cisco small business Wap200 with 2 SSID.  The first one for compagny activity on network and the other is the guest  wireless Network on  VLAN ID are 1 and 2.

I have no problem with the  VLAN 1 (compagny network) but I can not acces to Internet with the Vlan 2.  I can ping the router at and I can manage the Fortigate 80c from this network.

So I created the Firewall adresses for the range with names Vlan_2_net and created the policy like this:

Source Interface: Internal
Source Address:     Vlan_2_net
Destination Interface: Wan1
Destination Address:  all (the range is
Schedule: Always
Service: Any
Action: accept
and NAT is enable

Still no access to Internet (google or pinging  What I don't understand?
Thank you!
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I'd recommed to create a virtual interface on the Fortigate and assign the ip address to it. Then create a new firewall route that uses that interface as the source interface.

Or maybe you just need to change the source interface in your firewall rule.
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Thank you.  It's helpful.
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You are welcome.