Computer name shows different under My Computer

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Not sure if this is just something really easy or a bug, or what... but Computer name next to the icon under Computer shows a different name than what the computer is actually named under Advanced system settings (full computer.domainname.)

But as you can see on the left, it's showing old computer name. On the right, it's showing new computer name, as is on the domain.

This is Windows 7 64 bit on Lenovo x220 laptop. I tagged vista and 2008 tho since I thought solutoins for them may work for this win 7 box... let me know if you can help

See screenshot

computer name difference
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Thats default behavior for computers in a domain. The computername is the just the name. The full computername is the computer name appended with any domains that it belongs to. The full computer name is basically the DNS name of your computer in the domain.


hmm ok interesting. do you know how I could change the computer name to match the first part of the full computer name
In the images you attached the names do match?

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I'm sorry I merged the wrong screenshots.

The computer name in the Start menu appears to be different than the computer name and full computer domain name...

See start menu screenshot:

start menu computer name

Open Registry Editor, locate:

 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

On the right pane double-click on RegisteredOwner.

Double Click and make your change.


Hmm that value appears to just be my organization name not the start menus computer name.
I did a search in Windows and Windows NT keys though the name only appears to show up in Lync Communicator and Windows Media keys of all places.

I'll justeave as is if it's ok. Idc my last day at this company anyways.
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The name you see there is how you named your Workplace. If you open Explorer (type explorer in Run, or press Win-E), you can right-click the marked entry (or press F2), and rename that. The same should be as a shortcut on your desktop.

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