3com 4800g VLAN config

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I have created 2 x VLAN Interfaces on the 1 switch. (4800G)

VLAN interface 1
VLAN Interface 2

I have then tagged 1-16 on VLAN 1 - plugged in a desktop
and 17-52 on the VLAN 2 - Plugged in a desktop

The IP Routes summary shows that the routes between the 2 VLANs are are established and have auto populated the next hop.

But, I cannt get a desktop from one VLAN to ping the other VLAN.

Can someone point me in the right direction ?
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Are the desktops directly connected on the switch? Try pinging from the switch to either desktop.

Make sure firewall is off.


One way to check firewall and see if routing is working, from one laptop ping the VLAN IP from the other VLAN.

example:  from ping

If it works, this would signify that your desktops are not responding to pings (default on windows firewall from some versions...)
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Your desktop PCs will most likely need an untagged port, with the "native" or "access" vlan being the one you want to use.
With advanced configuration, you can use tagged ports with desktop PCs or even laptops, but that's a very rare case.



Ports needed to be tagged / untagged thanks

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