Where to download BACS Broadcom teaming management software

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At the following url, I cant locate the Broadcom Teaming
mgmt software that I need (for Win 2008 Enterprise R2, x64 )
for use on IBM x3850:

" The Broadcom Advance Server Program (BASP) is the teaming software developed
  for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008, and runs within BACS3"

Pls point me to an exact url / link where I can download the above software.

Somehow after burning the ISO file to a CD, both the IBM x3850's DVD drive
(shown as D: drive under 'Computer' ) could not read the CD.  Did I burn it
wrongly?  Any way I can get an executable & run it to install this software
on the server instead of getting it from the CD ??
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Best option is to download it from the server vendor

Directly from the Nic vendor

Not sure what you downloaded. The iso might be for purposes of deploying drivers during os install, there should be a separate zip, exe download just for the Nic utility.


Hi Arnold,

Care to do a screen shot with arrows indicating the link
which I can click to download the software?

Can't really locate them in both the links you've provided
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At the bottom of the second page, there are three option, nextreeme I server, nextreeme 1 gb server. Pick the link that applies to the network cards you have in the system. And the next page is the zip download the 32 or 64 bit version based on your installed os.

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