KVM Switch, Mix USB and PS2 PCs

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Can you have a KVM switch with some PCs having USB Mouse/KB and others having PS2 Mouse/KB? (All have VGA displays). I have 4 pcs, 2 have USB and 2 have PS2 mouse/KBs. I would like to use a USB mouse and keyboard as input.

If needed, here are the OSs:
OS            K,M Type
W2000     PS2
ESXi          USB
Untangle  PS2
XP Pro       PS2

FYI, For testing, I booted the PCs without their K, V or M plugged in and then plugged them in after everything was up. All OSs functioned normally. The PS2 machines, when I plugged in the Mouse/KB the machine did not respond to them until I rebooted. The USB machine worked. (I would have thought if anything it would be the other way around).

Should I buy a USB KVM switch and buy PS2 and USB cables separately, or get PS2 to USB connectors if they exist. Please advise.

Thank you.
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2nd Line Engineer
you can buy KVM switches that can have USB/PS2 connections at the back and normally you need to buy cables as extras as per your requirements.

so as per your requirements looking at the interfaces:

you require a KVM switch which has main input for your keyboard/mic as USB and then you need the ports on it to be both USB/PS2 ( you can get where they have both) and then buy video cable DVI/VGA as per the requirement.

hope this helps


Order cables separate. For some reason I just wasnt getting that. Thank you.
Kash2nd Line Engineer

what i meant was when you buy KVM switch you don't get any video link cables with it you have to buy them separate

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