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PHP LDAP query to Active Directory

Hello all,

Prior to this I've never had a need to interact with AD so I'm very new to it.

I have a website tool written in PHP5, running on a Linux Apache server.  This site had it's own login functionality and I've recently replaced that with querying the Active Directory domain for authentication using LDAP (borrowing from code examples found online).

this works fine.

Step 2) limiting access to only users in a certain AD security group however, is proving difficult.  The problem I'm having is constructing the AD query sting to use.  

If I look on the Windows Srv 2008 domain controller in the Active Directory Users and Computers tool I can find the group in this tree... > Organizational Units > CompanyName > groups and distribution lists > Security Groups > Support

So my question is, how do write the PHP LDAP query string to search that security group for a specific username.  

so for instance if the user login is "bsmith" I want so search that security group for any object with CN=bsmith I believe.

so I believe, to get a list of all users in that group, the query should look something like:


$results = ldap_search($ldap,$ldap_dn,$query);
if(!$results)echo "ERROR: ".ldap_error($ldap)."<BR>";

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"Error: No such object"

any help with this would be much appreciated!

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Joseph Daly
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thanks for the suggestion.  I did that and came up with this query but still the same results..

(&(memberOf=CN=Support,OU=Security Groups,OU=Groups and Distribution Lists,OU=CompanyName,OU=Organizational Units,DC=xxx,DC=yyy,DC=com))

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scratch that last post, I re-read what you wrote and changed:

$ldap_dn = "OU=CompanyName,OU=Organizational nits,DC=xxx,DC=yyy,DC=com";  

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and now I'm getting results.  

Many thanks!!!