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I am with hostgator and have a cpanel on my account with the ability to add cron jobs.  I currently have all emails on the cpanel forwarded to my internet hosting email.  I want to have the emails deleted off the web server when I receive them on my email system at home.  Does anyone have a cron job code for this?
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something similar which you may be able to mod to your requirements >>
I was looking for something more simple than that.
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The inMotion example looks about as simple as it can get.  It seems like it would be easy to change "archive" to "delete" with only a few lines of code.

What has HostGator said when you asked them about this question?  Surely you are not the first HostGator client who was interested in automatic cleanup!
They just said you could write a cron job.  That's it.  When I went to the cpanel and clicked on Cron jobs there was a bunch of fields with dates and times etc... and one field to input the code.

I thought I could just complete the fields and enter a simple line of code and I would be done.

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