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I have a little problem.

I have a network with ip addresses of 172.16.168.*

I have a couple of devices within the 192.168.0.* range of ip address which I cannot change the ip addresses on. Phone systems, etc.

Can anyone advise how I can get the network ip addresses talking to each other?
Network Architecture

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I think we will need a little more information.  Are these subnets on the same physical lines?  Are they in separate buildings?  Are they VLAN? Do you have a firewall?  what are the current gateway configs. do you have any routing rules in place...  The questions are endless.

Please elaborate on what equipment you have and how you currently have it configured.

(i.e.  I have a 12 port switch with 2 VLANS (subnets 172.16.168.x and 192.168.0.x)
I have two firewalls, one controlling subnet 172.16.168.x and other 192.168.0.x )


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Okay, sorry,

I have one network within the same building.


I have a firewall router with an ip of that details with virus protection and web browsing, etc.

One vpn router that allows remote access from the outside on an ad-hoc basis to the resources on 172.16.168.*.

The default gateway is
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Add a simple router that connects the two subnets.  And add a route on the gateway router(s) that points to the added router.

Route / 16 (if that's the right mask) to the appropriate port on the router.  The one that's connected to
Route / 24 to the appropriate port on the router.  The one that's connected to

Without knowing the network topology it's hard to go any further and there well may be issues that aren't evident.  What *is* the network configuration?
Have you considered changing the IP addresses of the nodes you can change to match the ones you can't?
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Have you found a solution to this?  If so, please let us know what the resolution was .


Network Architecture
Network Architecture

Network design and methodology, also known as network architecture, is the design of a communication network. It is a framework for the specification of a network's physical components and their functional organization and configuration, its operational principles and procedures, as well as data formats used in its operation. In telecommunication, the specification of a network architecture may also include a detailed description of products and services delivered via a communications network, as well as detailed rate and billing structures under which services are compensated.

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