Disable IE from allowing display to turn off

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I am trying to find a way to have IE run in kiosk mode but if there is no activity to not allow the display to go to sleep.  Essentially, I'd like IE to tell the OS that it's open and therefore active despite no mouse nor keyboard activity.

How can I go about doing that?

I was in another forum and they suggested:

The solution would be to make it so that IE doesn't cause the display to sleep because that's how the system will look at it

However, they never elaborated on how to do that.

JOe K.
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Are you not able to set the display settings on the OS before you set it into kiosk mode?


Yes, but I'd like to have it if IE is not open, then the OS can sleep/turn-off-display.  

But if IE is open then it won't sleep/turn-off-display.


I'm hoping this works but I won't get to try it until later:

              Sets a Power Request override for a particular Process, Service,
              or Driver. If no parameters are specified, this command displays
              the current list of Power Request Overrides.
              <CALLER_TYPE>    Specifies one of the following caller type:
                               PROCESS, SERVICE, DRIVER. This is obtained by
                               calling the POWERCFG -REQUESTS command.
              <NAME>           Specifies the caller name. This is the name
                               returned from calling POWERCFG -REQUESTS command.
              <REQUEST>        Specifies one or more of the following Power
                               Request Types: Display, System, Awaymode.
                  POWERCFG -REQUESTSOVERRIDE PROCESS iexplore.exe Display System
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I tested it and you'd think that it would work but it didn't
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Set your power options so that the screen never blanks, no screen saver, and that it never goes to sleep.


That is not what I am asking:  I'd like a conditional sleep where the computer will not sleep when IE is open

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