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We had an office, that has internet access.

We have 1 Public IP Address from our ISP. For example the public ip address is :

Currently locally we have PHP application run on our local server, that could be access on internet by using URL : application1.domain1.com  It's using port 80. We're using IP Forwarding in our modem router.

My question :
1>We have another PHP application that run on different local server from application1. Can we set that it could also access on internet by URL : application2.domain1.com  Using same port 80?? Or the only way to do that by having another public ip address?

2>if it's not possible, can we access it using different port, but by using subdomain name also, for example : application2.domain.com:81 ??
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You might answer some of the questions yourself by substituting the application.domain.com with the one public IP address.

After all, at the client source the application.domain.com will be translated into your public IP address by DNS.  So, if you do that manually, as with a browser or with a command line then you may gain some insight into what's happening.

Adding a port is pretty much like adding an extension to an address.  Like 123 Main ST would be the IP address and Apt C would be the port.  Many ports are just common and understood like port 80 for http.  So the port number gets added without your needing to know about it.

So, yes, I should think that using a different port number would deal with the issue you have.
Then appropriate port forwarding on the gateway router would help.
Kash2nd Line Engineer
not with same IP as the traffic would still be coming over port 80. you can definitely do that by specifying a port.

on our in house server, we have email server so mail.abc.com
we have our filemaker on file.abc.com:4969
we have our synergist on synergist.abc.com:3456

it will work.

just make sure you add the forwarding on your router/firewall for it
Ditto all that has been said above.  Remember that your public IP address only has one TCP Port 80, and you already have that forwarding to your other server.  The only way to redirect traffic to the second server is to use a different TCP port number.  The port 81, as you suggest, should work fine, but you'll need to remember that all links to that server MUST use the port number in the url.  If the port number is not designated, http will default to port 80, and you'll be pointing at your original server again, which isn't what you want to happen.

A second public IP would give you a second port 80 to use.  Mapping your second domain name to that IP would then let the router forward to the port 80 for the second public IP.  It's up to you which way you want to go with it.  The second IP would probably be less complicated, but you might have to pay for the IP address, depending upon your ISP.



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