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mail message fonts when opened font to big

How can I change the font so that when a message is opened and the font may be 8pt. , how can I make it so the message opens at 12 point instead. Justb to be clear, the user i office 2007 opens an outlook message and the pane shows the message in 8py. I would like it ot open in 12pt. How? I have the mail itself with all the font settings but whe n a message is opend it shows in a smaller type. Now I am guessing that this could be because the user that sent the message is sending it in 8pt. but the user recieving would like it to open in 12pt. Is this doable?
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Changing the font size of the original message received, only in Outlook Mail Items.....It is do-able without having to change System Fonts or mess with any of outlook defaults

If the User only has issues from a specific sender(s)

All they need to do to make the font bigger, and easier to read, is open the email
Press CTRL on the keyboard and scroll their Mouse Wheel Up and Down to adjust the font size of the email they are reading

They can make it as big or small as they like, on demand