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SSIS with SharePoint List configuration

Hello Experts!
I am not, and this is what I need assistance in......

I have a SSIS Package looking at a mapped drive of SharePoint 2010 through DavWWW so it looks like a regular drive.
I am using the File Watcher task in a FOR Loop Container. Once a file is found, then it performs a Copy of the file to another folder. That's all I need it to do...

When I execute it, it copies over the same file over and over again and does not do anything with new files.....
I know I am totally missing something here, and not sure what it is.
Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Here is the configuration along with a for loop file variable, Placement.

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Ouch...I guess I see your point...Let me test the move theory....
Well, I see it. That shoots down my plan on getting copy's of files as they are uploaded to SharePoint becuase I cannot move the files, as it defeats using Workspace 2010 with Sharepoint.

I guess I will seek other means of getting a copy of this file, maybe through a Workflow setting??.. Anyways you answered my original question.

You need another bit of logic then - let the watcher see that there's a file, but, every time you copy one, copy the oldest in the folder and only watch for files newer than that ...