Router problem with Windows Server 2003??

Tony Leather
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We are having a problem with our email running through an Exchange Server. The email will work fine for days then just stop working.   We rectify this by unplugging the DC cable from the router and reattaching.   Router then boots up and the email’s start coming back through.
We are using MS Exchange Server 2003, Outlook 2007.

We  are using a Belkin Router. I attach a couple of sreenshots.
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Principal Consultant
I've heard of problems like that with Belkin routers before.  I recommend upgrading to a more reliable router.
Kash2nd Line Engineer

have you tried upgrading your router's firmware. First thing to try.

secondly, it may be your ISP or may be some dodgy connection which is causing no internet. Have you tried to speak to ISP to ask them to do some tests for you on your internet line, they should be able to pinpoint the issue with quite an accuracy.

if they come back saying it is something on your network then I would first check and replace the wall connections and then move to the bigger expensive item though a router today isn't that expensive either but if  2 pounds can save 100s pounds expense, then why not.

see how it goes
Belkin routers are really intended for home use; if you're running Exchange, that suggests a business. If this is the case, then invest in a business product that will be more configurable, robust, secure, and generally fit for purpose.
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Most likely your router can't handle the traffic and it's hanging, I've seen similar issues when a router reaches high cpu utilization. If you can monitor the router cpu and memory utilization to verify if that's the cause of the problem.


Could you recommend a router to use with MS Exchange Server 2003. Thanks.
Larry LarmeuPrincipal Consultant
Cisco routers are usually rock solid.  You can typically pick up a used one on eBay for pretty cheap and they are much more reliabile than anything you will find at a retail store.

What kind of internet connection do you have?

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