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Mike Johnson
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I have a regular 4th generation 120GB standard ipod.  I recently got a new computer.

Here are my issues:
1.) My ipod is not currently associated with any PC and I have all these playlists on the ipod that I do not want to lose.  My fear is that as soon as I plug it into the PC, it will synch and wipe out all my playlists/music.  Is this the case ?  If so how do i prevent this?

2.) I have put a lot of effort into these playlists and they are quite long.  How can I back them up?     I just want to backup the list or even print off the list so I recreate it if need be.  I do not need to back the mp3 itself, I already have a solution in place for that.

Thanks for helping an old non tech savvy dude.
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You'll need to export/import the playlists. If you want to export all your playlists, In iTunes, go file->export library. Make sure you save it in XML format (to your ipod if you're reformatting your computer). After you reload itunes, place all the songs in the iTunes music folder, then go File->import, locate the XML file you saved, and viola! there are your playlists, same as you started out.

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