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need to RDC to my computer from outside

hi experts,

 I have a couple of computers in my house. I want to be able to RDC to one of them " not logmein or anything else". I have a verizon router that provides me with DHCP public address and behind that router I havd a dlink wireless router. What do I need to do do make this happen? The internal address of my computer which is behind my dlink router is
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You need to permit inbound traffic to TCP 3389 and port forward to
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ok on which one the verizon or the dlink? and this port forwarding under firewall rules?
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first thing first, you need to make sure you have a static IP from your ISP, you may still be able to use the DYNAMIC IP but everytime the router restarts you get a new IP so make note of that.

secondly, on your verizon router, enable VPN functionality. you didn't say what model but if you logon to the router there will be somewhere you can do that provided it has that functionality.

then, you need to make sure your home computer has a fixed IP address so that you can remote in.

also, on your PC, make sure you have remote desktop enable and allowed and i take it you do know your PC's username and password.

another thing worth saying is, make sure the location you are dialling from isn't on the same subnet as your home i.e or else it won't work.

i would reconfigure the verizon router to be on a different subnet such as so it doesn't clash.

hope this will sort you out.
normally, once you enable remote desktop, the firewall rule automatically gets added to the exceptions so i wouldn't worry about it.
On your outer most router facing the Internet.
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If you do not have a static IP you should look at the free neorouter.  It loads a client on each computer and sets up a 10.0. address that can be access from any computer with the client also loaded.  It works the the standard Windows RDC
Or use Dynamic DNS -->
Its free for one dns name
the biggest advantage for a beginner is that neorouter does not require any changes to the Dlink router.  NO ports etc have to be opened or rerouted/forwarded
thanks, this worked!