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MySQL beginner query ignorance. Changing the table id value so it places everything once again in numerical order

Hello, I am new to programming and am watching tutorials online this summer in my free time. I know this is a simple question but I've searched online and I can't find exactly what I need.

I deleted a row so now i no longer have "id 2 3 4 5". I'm left with 2, 4 ,5". I don't know the MySQL query to place alie smith as #3 and james smith as #4. Please help me out with this query. Thanks

     id  name            age
    2   Sandy Smith     21
    4   Alie Smith        19
    5   James Smith     11

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You don't need to do it. id field doesn't need to be ordered that way: it only gives an unique id to each record
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Ok. Thank you. But just for my own sanity, IF I wanted to, "SELECT *
FROM table
ORDER BY id" isn't doing it. What would it be?
SELECT @rownum:=@rownum+1, name, age FROM tablename

This will render:
            name            age
    1   Sandy Smith     21
    2   Alie Smith        19
    3   James Smith     11

You have to create a new column using the rownum since the id field is a permanent designator that should not change.
Excuse me, but why should you order database records by id? Id, is a non-menaing identifier, usewd internally by MySql. If you need to give your users let's say a rank, create a neew field and set its value when users (or whatever they be) log in or register or hwn you want.
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@ Jamesrh thanks. Now the former id column has NULL values and the column name appears as @rownum:=@rownum+1. So to re insert values and have it auto increment when I put innew values, how do I do this?
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Thank you