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I have a problem where I have several Handpunch 3000's installed that communicate to a time keeping software via Ethernet.  The system works fine on the local network.  I cannot get the software (any software) to communicate with the handpunch over a VPN.  I can ping the device just fine.  However, the software give a wsock error.  I've checked ports and that isn't the issue.

I found this on EE.  http://www.experts-exchange.com/Networking/Security/IPSec/Q_23294480.html

It seems I need to set up a virtual adapter or in some way configure the local computer running the software to be able to fake being on the remote locations subnet.

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From the other EE post I assume the Handpunch has some brain-dead mode of operation that does not allow it to use a remote server ... in that case, you will most likely have to set up NAT on the local network, which maps some local IP (which then also needs to be set on the Handpunch, unless it does some sort of broadcast, which would even be worse) to the remote IP of the server ... that way, the device can communicate locally, while the router takes care of the rest ...

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