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I have web files on IIS - .html .   If I want to move these to an Apache web server on linux,  how and where would i place them?
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That depends on which directory path your Apache server uses for it's "Document Root".

Can you log onto your Apache server (Linux Server) and issue these two commands:

uname -a

Open in new window

lsb_release -a

Open in new window

...and report back?

Often the path is /var/www/html/   <--that's where you would place the web files. But we need to make sure of that.

The document root is designated in the apache.conf or httpd.conf file, which is often in /etc/httpd/  but for example, in Centos 6, you can find it:
/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf   labeled under "DocumentRoot".


Great information thanks.  

Then on the second post, I have:



in this case would i move all the files to which directory?  Also, how do I handle the index.html versus the apache config file?
/var/www/index.html  <---if that exists, that is where the web files go.

index.html is a web file. I don't know in your case what's on that web page file - it may just be a generaic web page. you could replace it with your own web files.

/etc/apache2/httpd.conf   <---that's your configuration for Apache. That's the file that controls how Apache behaves, and where your document root is.

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