Transering records from table and deleteing them from the new Lead Tab

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Sorry for the long post ahead of time, just want to explain it correctly...

I have a New Leads Layout.
When the user clicks on it they will input the Leads info, name, phone, address ect...
I also have a button on the same layout that  will copy all the info into the closed Lead layout.
I have it working correctly,
What I need to be able to do now is when I lick on the same button that copies everything over to the closed lead layout I need it to be able to ( not sure if delete is the right word )
the info that is in the New Leads layout so that when the use views the New Lead layout it only shows records that are not closed.

and will not show any record that has already been closed.

Thanks for the help...
I need to get this working A.S.A.P.

Thanks ALL......
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First, one of the first rules I learned about data is avoid copying data.  There should be no reason to copy it if you design the relationships correctly.

For example, if you had a field, closed, that would capture the click of the button, it would mark that lead as closed.  Now when you build your relationship, you add another column to the join that only selects open leeds.  The closed ones no longer get displayed.  But you haven't copied any data, all the data is still there, you only have one table to search in for historical reasons and, if at some time you need to report on open vs closed, you can do it all from one place.

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can't find that stupid button
please email me and I will email you back with my #

Thanks you

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