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Display results of a query in a textbox

I've attached an Access database.   When you open the database, please open the form. You'll see 3 comboboxes.  Select the following values from the comboboxes:

combobox1 :    AAAA
combobox2:     1111
combobox3:     F

You'll see the subform gets populated with the value $850.   How do I populate the textbox with that value? I want to use a textbox to display the result instead of a subform. I DO NOT WANT TO USE DLOOKUP TO DO IT.  DLookup always has a noticeable delay in displaying a result and I can't stand it.  

Another question: Going back to the subform, why does my merely changing the default view from Datasheet to Single Form cause the database to fail?  Even if I try to then change it back to Datasheet view without having made any other changes whatsoever, it still fails. Can somebody explain why?  Thank you.
Microsoft Access

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Jeffrey Coachman

8/22/2022 - Mon

If you like the 'speed' of the subform approach, how about hiding the subform and adding to the combo's After Update event:

Private Sub ComboBox3_AfterUpdate()
Me.txtGetResult = Me.Current_Balance_sub.Form.[current balance]

End Sub

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It's not that I like the speed of the subfrom approach. I'm just using a solution someone provided to me previously; but he put it in a subform instead of a textbox. When using a textbox, the only working answer (other than hardcoding the query in a module which I've since been advised against) I've gotten so far is DLookup and I hate DLookup. Every time I use DLookup for anything, there's a noticeable delay in the control being populated and it makes the form look very unprofessional.   All I want is for the result of the query to be displayed in a textbox....but not using DLookup.

And by the way, if you can get the subform or any other type of control to LOOK like a textbox if it's easier to put the result in that type of control instead of an actual textbox, then that's fine. That's why I asked about changing the subform's view from datasheet to single form. That was my attempt to make the subform look like a textbox. However, when I changed the view of the subform, the query would no longer work. Not even when I changed back to datasheet view. Datasheet view looks horrible for this application. I need the output to be put in something that looks like a textbox. Thank you.
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Walt Forbes

Okay - hiding the subform and populating a textbox would give you the appearance you're looking for, but I think your idea of disguising the subform if possible is better all around.

That may be doable in Single Form view by playing with the subform border, navigation buttons, etc.

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Jeffrey Coachman


And a lot of your other recent questions seem eerily similar...

Again, just curious as to why this one interface generates so many questions and different answers...?

Perhaps I am not seeing the differences between them...?