Is there a way to force using scheduling assistance in Outlook?

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We have many users that will not look at scheduling assistance when booking meetings, so other users are getting 2  a 3 meeting at the same time.

Is there a way to force someone to use scheduling assistance and maybe is there a configuration in Exchange that can restrict the users not able to setup a meeting if there are more than certain number of conflicts(say 3 or 4 as a configurable option?

Trying to keep users from booking to many conflicting meetings?

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If the users are double and triple booking resources (like room mailboxes) it is possible to prevent them from doing so by using the Exchange resource booking features ( This allows the server to manage the room or shared resource and will automatically decline someone who tries to book it if someone has already booked it.

However, this will not help if somebody is trying to send a meeting to another person and does not look to see if that other person is already booked. The sender can just ignore the free busy information and send a meeting request anyway (and if the recipient does not look at his or her own calendar, he or she may end up double booking himself or herself). Unfortunately, there is no feature in Exchange or Outlook to prevent that latter problem from happening. Sorry, I wish there was a better answer for you.
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Unfortunatley you cannot force anyone to use a scheduling assistant

You could setup resource scheduling on all users and meeting rooms to automatically decline conflicting appointments

However, the downside is AutoAccept Meetings needs to be turned On, and this may not be an wanted servcie by all users

Really sounds like whats needed here is Outlook Training for the users

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