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Comparing Integrity i2 Servers and Older Integrity Servers


I have a few quick questions for HP-UX Admins who have hands-on experience with HP's quad-core Integrity servers (sometimes called "i2" or "Itanium 9300 series" servers).  The specific models include BL860c i2, BL870c i2, BL890c i2, rx2800 i2, and Superdome 2

1. Based on your real-world experience, how do the "i2" servers compare to older Integrity servers in terms of performance?  

2. Are the "i2" servers any different in terms of reliability than older Integrity servers?  How so?

3. What benefits, if any, have you seen running the latest release of HP-UX 11i v3 compared to older versions v3 that were released 2-3 years ago?

I would love to hear from several HP-UX Admins.  Thanks in advance for your insights on these issues!
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HP-UX TA is hidden from the menu -
Maybe a mod can add that to TA list and remove this comment.
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Good point Andy - I do not see a way to "ask for attention" on this open question - so maybe a moderator will see your comment.  Did you find the question under UNIX OS?

Never mind - I see you beat me to the punch with Attention: Q_27732615.  THANKS!
I only have a tiny bit of experince on the BL470c I2 and that was just wires, the factory integrated blade-link had been forced in with a bent pin which damaged the monarch blade's front connector and so it had to have a new motherboard before it even left us (the reseller).

Sounds a bit negative but the support was wonderful, had to tell HP not to send an engineer at 5AM next day because I would still be in bed.

Only have HP's benchmark stuff to say whether it's faster or slower than other boxes which no doubt your reseller has already shown you, it's not much more than a graph with a few dots on it that proves Moore's Law is roughly correct. Flat out I'd expect a modern Xeon to thrash an Integrity chip just because of the size of the customer base which justifies the number of design engineers working on it.
1. They are expensive compared to athlon
2. there is no extra reliability, integrity is jused just as a palindrome on Itaniac, it is just a technology refresh because old slow RAM becomes too expensive for HP to purchase
3. Mustly bugfixes like security etc, if you do not notice that it is only version that runs on i2 series right  away...
Thank you andyalder and gheist,

andyalder, I am not familiar with a BL470c I2.  Is that a ProLiant blade based on an x86 chip?

gheist, it sounds like you have had a less than positive experience with Integrity.  Which specific Integrity server models have you personally used/managed?  Do you also manage Athlon-based servers?

I would love to hear from some more experts with hands on experience with Integrity "i2" servers.
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Thank you andyalder and gheist,

I consider your contributions to the question complete.  I want to keep it open another day or two in the hopes that another expert or two with substantial hands-on experience managing these servers will chime in.  


P.S. I am not sure how to grade the answer.  If no one else contributes, then I really did not get the info I was looking for.  This is not your fault.  You two provided the best information you could based on your experience.  I was really looking for people who are managing both systems who can say what real world advantages, if any, the "new" Integrity servers have over the "old" Integrity servers.
Thanks again - I guess no one else is going to chime in so I am closing the question.  Very torn how to rate this.  I don't want to ding you two, but no fault of yours, I was looking for different info.  I'll go ahead and give you A's so you do not get penalized.