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Date Parameter

What formula can I add to the date field, so end user can either select data via the calendar or the shortcut key such as T-1, M-1 etc???

Thanks in advance.
Crystal Reports

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Mike McCracken
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I appreciate this might just be me, but I have no idea what Crystal feature you are referring to by..
"the shortcut key such as T-1, M-1 etc"
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Mike McCracken

There is no way to do that.  Crystal date prompts expect a date to be entered.  There are no shortcut keys to choose a date.

If you have CR2008 you can have optional prompts.  You could use a date for 1 and a string for another then evaluate appropriately.

I assume T-1 is yesterday and M-1 is last month

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Yes, I do have CR2008. Do you have any sample for using the string?
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Do you just want to use those specific strings, "T-1" and "M-1"?  If so, what do they mean?

 Or do you want to allow something more general, like "T-X", where "X" could be different numbers?  If so, exactly what do you want to allow?

 Producing yesterday's date when a parameter is "T-1" is easy.  Actually checking the value after the "-" and producing a date based on that is more complicated.

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I would like to have:

T-"num" = today's day - num of days user enter.
T+"Num" = today's day + num of days user enter.

M-"num" = Current Month - num of month user enter.
M+"Num" = Current Month + num of month user enter.

Y-"num" = Current year - num of year user enter.
Y+"Num" = Current year + num of year user enter.

Also user should able enter what ever day they want on the beginning date and ending date field. Or select the date from the default calendar.

As stated above, the only way to get the calendar is to use a DATE or DATETIME parameter.  It will only accept valid dates.

You can add a second parameter as a string and they can enter whatever they want.

I will try to get an example put together.

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An example will be great. Thank you so much!!!
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Mike McCracken

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