cmd.exe  write to another file

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how to write a large output to another file
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Not sure what you mean by large output but you can use redirection.


set >> info.txt

Try this: xcopy c:\temp /e

Also for issues with large files, try this:


dir hello

and the 'hello' folder has many subfolders

write the response to another file
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Have you considered using robocopy?

robocopy C:\hello D:\hello /MIR /R:0

The will create a replica of the folder. If there are any changes and you rerun the command, it will capture only differentials. Lightning fast!
Steven CarnahanAssistant Vice President\Network Manager
sounds like motnahp00's suggestions is what you are looking for:

dir hello >> c:\listing.txt

(use the location and name of the file of your choosing)
... let me add some info to it:

the ">" is actually redirecting the output wou would get on the screen into a file.
if you only use one ">", it will overwrite and ">>" will append to the file. the redirector is always at the end of the command.
You can also pipe ("|") the output to SORT (et al), and then redirect SORT's output to a file.

C:\>dir c:\ | sort /+37 > %userprofile%\Documents\sorted.txt

which creates or overwrites a file named 'sorted.txt' in the current user's My Documents folder.

the 37th column is the first letter of the file and subdirectory names on my computer, by the way... that may or may not match your system.



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