RightFax Connector Service won't start on Exchange 2003

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We have had a RightFax 9.3 server running with a connector our our Exchange 2003 server for quite a few years and have had no issues.  We had to reboot our exchange server the other day because we are at our DB limit.  We plan on upgrading to Exchange 2010 in a few weeks. Ever since that reboot, our RightFax connector won't run.  We always get the Service couldn't start because of a logon failure. We have unintalled and reinstalled the connector.  We have tried local admin accounts, domain admin accounts and the Local System account, they all come back with the same error.  Other services are running just fine.  The RightFax services have been restared as well as the Exchange server.  The fax server runs fine, it's just not sending e-mails to Outlook.
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I would suggest un-installing the connector, then rebooting the server, then re-installing the connector.

To do the install, you should be logged to the Exchange server on an account that is a member of Enterprise Admins, Schema Admins and Domain Admins.

I haven't found a 9.3 manual, but there is a 9.0 manual here http://www.captaris.com/cms_resources/pdfs/9.0_support_docs/RightFaxMicrosoftExchangeModuleGuide.pdf
We had two issues.  One, there was a rights issue that was cause by our domain controller which was not our exchange controller.  Our Primary DC's DNS guid was missing and it started causing many more issues throughout our network.  Once we get that resolved, received different errors when starting the rightfax service.  Lat night, we did an upgrade to RightFax 9.4 to get us to a supported version and it's now working.

Thanks for your help.


We had tried the issues another person posted and that didn't work.  We had tried it before he suggested it as well.  I wrote what solved the problem in the end.

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