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Spinrite as prerry much always been the industry standard for disk recovery (in this case bad sectors) but I have had enough. I purchased a copy and have only had the need to use it maybe 4 or 5 times over the last couple years and the results are always the same. I quit because it takes weeks to do.

   These hard drives aren't totally massacured. A few bad spots is all. When Spinrite hits them it never finishes. We are talking days per bad spot. Who can wait that long? ANyway I am done messing with it. Weeks are a little too long to wait.

   Is there a Spinrite alternative (bootable CD) that will actually try and recover bad sectors and do it within a 24 hour period?
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GetDataBack works well and a lot faster than SpinRite.  Also ApinRite will murder a hard drive if it is having or developing head issues.  
GetDataBack is available here....

Have fun!
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HDDREG is a very good product. It can revive bad disks, but only if they really are revivable, and of course it will also take time. Any such tools will take lots of time, but the next best thing is to send the disks to a recovery agency. You can't expect miracles.
If you simply want to identify and flag bad blocks, try disk manufacturer's diagnostics. Some will identify and flag bad blocks. You will have to do a full scan which usually takes several hours.
Robert RComputer Service Technician
I have tried HDD regenerator as well, it does not take as long as spinrite, I have used spinrite as well on several drives, and I am not happy with the software, as I have experienced problems such as you have. HDD regenerator is able to help solve some drive issues but, generally it is not as good as they claim their software works. But there is a 30 satifaction gaurentee if it does not do what you expected you can get your money back. They are very prompt at refunding your money.
Gary CaseRetired
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There's really only one competitor for Spinrite -- HDD Regenerator.     These are the only two utilities that are designed to statistically recover bad sectors.    Neither is actually a "data recovery" product -- they're not designed to recover data from corrupted or missing file systems;  formatted disks;  etc.    They're designed to restore bad sectors.    Clearly this can take a LONG time for disks that have any significant number of damaged sectors, as it can take hundreds -- or even thousands -- of passes for each damaged sector to reliably determine the correct content.     HDD Regenerator is generally faster than Spinrite at this, as it "gives up" much quicker on unreadable sectors ... probably not a bad thing, as my experience (like yours) is that if Spinrite can't recover a sector within the first couple minutes, it likely can't recover it at all.

Other data recovery products -- GetDataBack,   OnTrack's Easy Recovery Pro, etc. are file recovery utilities that recover files from damaged file systems;  formatted disks; etc.   These are very good at what they do -- and will ignore bad sectors after a few attempts to read them ... often allowing partial recovery that is much better than a total loss of data.

But the bottom line is that restoring bad sectors is a very time-consuming activity on modern high-capacity disks.

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