SBS 2011 Exchange 2010 Mail store in Hyper-V

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I got an SBS 2011 server in a Hyper-V environment, but I'm not sure if creating 2 or 3 VHDs will couse a performace issue.

First VHD will contain the OS
Second the Company Files
Thrid will be the Exchange Mail store

I'm worried if I put the mail store in with the company files it could let to greater fragmentation with in the VHDs.
 (naturally the user will not able to access the exchange mail store folder directly)

Also 3 VHD will be on the same RAID 5 array on the vhost.
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The way you broke out your partitions is a good practice. I keep my OS, Logs, and Data separated as well while running Hyper-V in a RAID-5 config.

Makes recovery a lot cleaner.
Ishaan RawatDesigner | Developer | Programmer

I always broke in into partitions as you do.. I keep my data always separated while running in a Raid-5 config
It will definitely cause performance concerns to configure it the way you propose.  Exchange does have some hefty requirements.  As long as you plan it out well, I don't see why you can't pull this off.  The main thing is, and I know you said they will be on the same RAID 5 array, but will you be able to separate the Exchange mail store on a separate VHD, and on a separate physical hard drive space instead of adding it to the same RAID 5?  That will limit the performance hits.  That will also allow for better recovery in case of failure.  Make sure you have plenty of RAM and CPU to share with the Exchange portion.


Thanks All,

Minoru7, adding the mailstore VHD to an external HDD is not an option. But having mailstore on the same VHD (and disk partition) as the company data could that be worst than having it in a separte VHD?
You actually have it configured the correct way. The more spindles you have in an array, the better the performance. Ensure that you have adequate space available on all VHD's, I usually use 120GB for SBS2011 OS, user data x 3 for data partition, and 120GB for Exchange. In most cases, creating a RAID 5 array out of 5x300GB SAS drives is suffiscient and I have not heard any complaints yet

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