Conditionally edit cells in an Excel range using VBA

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I have a list of P.O. Boxes and I need to detect and remove duplicates.  Of course the column contains P.O. Boxes with all sorts of formats (ie. "po box," "p.o. Box," "Po Box," "P.O. Box," "P. O. Box," etc.).  If I normalize all of them to the same format I will easily be able to remove the dups.  I thought I'd first remove all periods in the column, then apply UPPER to get them all to uppercase.  Then remove all spaces and look for dups.  I would probably add a space back between the "O" and the following numbers.

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One quick way would be to just isolate the number itself, since you don't care about the PO Box, regardless of the format it is in.

using your idea of UPPER ... you can isolate the Number of the PO box with the following formula:
(supposing existing data starts in column A, row 1)


Fill that formula down for the entire column... then you can remove dups based on this new column.
I just created a helper column which uses two substitute formulas, they are nested in an upper; then I used conditional formatting to show the dups.  At this point I just need to blow away the duplicates (without having to manually do it).
On the data tab of excel 2010.... there is a remove duplicates button... that sounds like it would do what you want it to do.
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You might want to consider using a user-defined function to standardize your PO Boxes. You install the code in a regular module sheet (just like a macro), then use it with a formula like:

Function PO_Boxer(s As String) As String
Dim RgExp As Object
Set RgExp = CreateObject("VBScript.RegExp")
With RgExp
    .Pattern = "([Pp])(\s*)(\.?\s*)([Oo])(\s*)(\.?\s*)([Bb][Oo][Xx])(\s*)(\d+)"
    .Global = True
    PO_Boxer = .Replace(s, "P.O. Box $9")
End With
Set RgExp = Nothing
End Function

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I found a different formula that took care of my problem.  I still want to award points to the expert though because his formula would have worked just as well I believe.  He also gave me a much needed tip at the end.

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