Photoshop cs 5.5 - Image resolution inside PS and outside

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I will take an image and adjust the level to get it to look the way I want.  Save it as a jpeg or bmp and then when I double click the file - the associated image program opens it.  Every time the image looks darker than when I saved it in PS - why the difference?  Is there a setting in PS?  

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Ishaan RawatDesigner | Developer | Programmer

Open it via Windows Picture Viewer..


I did - that would be "the associated image program opens it" - does not matter which one it is.
Different devices have different color "spaces". Think of it as two kids drawing the same picture, each with a different set of crayons.

The default setting for Photoshop is AdobeRGB (1998) which is used by many photographers and most printing companies.

The default color space for the web is sRGB. Unless you specificity embed instructions in your jpeg telling the browser to use a different color space, the browser will convert whatever image you send it to sRGB, sometimes making serious color and contrast changes.

Unless you intend to take your photo to a professional color lab to be printed (not the kiosk at the drug store) change your color settings to sRGB and things will look the same whatever program you use to look at them.

The color settings are at Edit>Color Settings.
If you have jpeg images that you have already saved, and when you open them they still look one way in photoshop and different in other programs, you most likely embedded a color space other than sRGB. You can do a "save as" or "Save For Web or Devices" and convert the space to sRGB and resave.



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