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batch script to create a shared folder with permissions for everyone group

Hello,  I need a batch script to create a shared folder with permissions for the "everyone" group.  
I will be running this using psexec on several computers at once.  This way I dont have to kick the user.
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hmmm that adds to the "everyone" group?
Yup, check it out.

It's the default and only group added to the Sharing permissions with that command.
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ok, thanks, but i notice that it names the shared path folder "file" and not "testshare"
Just substitute the example with whatever name you like:


net share icecom4=D:\testshare

You can verify the results with:

net share
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oops nevermind i just changed the "file" in batch
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At a command prompt do a net share /?

Depending on OS version, you can set permissions as well.
Typo on my part. It was example I showed somebody else a while back.
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@echo off
MD [directory]
CACLS [directory] /E /G everyone:[permission level (RWCF)]
NET SHARE [sharename]=[directory]

use the CACLS /? for more info
use the NET SHARE /? for more info
You can set permissions but I have mastered that skill yet. =)
net share cshare=c:\shared /GRANT:Everyone,FULL

Doesn't work on XP and I don't think it works on 2000 but should work on everything after that.