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Academic Discussion Forums

I'm looking for Academic Discussion Forums for both free or with payment-registration like experts-exchange but for acadmic topics exactly in computer sceince specially in database.
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I need forums for Academic not Technical
The above forums you write it for technical
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also note,  from the terms of use that discussions of answers for academic homework/tests will not be permitted on EE,  nor will other reputable sites likely allow it either.
you could discuss academic topics in the forums above.  You'll likely get answers that reflect bias toward the platforms of their respective databases but still accurate.

For instance, if you wanted to discuss the internals of index construction, balancing, storage and tree traversal you could get answers from any of the above.

If that's still inadequate, can you be more precise in what sort of topics you're looking for?
My friend

Academic questions not meaning howework or something

I only read some acadimic books and I try to implement in my work (I'm not student)
Curiosity overwhelms me...  
When discussing databases, what constitutes academic but not technical?
When discussing databases, what constitutes academic but not technical?

Yes correct but other experts when I'm ask they think I want to do homework not I want to implement the theories to technical work.
If you're trying to implement something in a database, I would skip academic discussions which may be theoretical and go with the realities of whichever platform you're using.
Before I applying the technical part I should understand the theory
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Sean Stuber

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I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

No answer related to question
I object to the delete.  sdstuber's last comment provides excellent prespective to a vague question where the asker has not provided follow-on details as to what is being asked.
I agree.  This question should not be deleted.