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jQuery Photo Gallery

Hello Experts,

Is there a jQuery plugin or Javascript code that will display photos in a folder?

I have a client that would owns a Photography Studio and he would like to be able to just upload photos to a specific folder on the website and for the photos to automatically appear within rotation. He doesn't want to use any webservice or anything complicated to do this. He would just like to simple copy the photos from his computer and upload them to a directory and that's it.

I would like to be able to use either jQuery or Javascript to do this.

Thanks in advance!!!
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You can of course do a lot more than display the images as a list. You could implement a javascript gallery for example that fades the images in and out... the sky's the limit!
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Can you help me or provide me JavaScript code to do that instead of php?
I'm pretty sure you can't read a directory with javascript. Even if it's on the same domain.
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it would need to be some sort of code like php working on the server to get the names of the files, once that is done you can then style it with javscript in the front end with something like