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Exchange 2010 log files path

I am wanting to change the location of our Exchange 2010 logs files to another volume. I do not want to move the database location. Is it best practice to use EMS or EMC to preform this task? If using the EMS, would this command correct/safe to accomplish this:

Move-StorageGroupPath –Identity "First Storage Group –LogFolderPath L:\exchange_logs –SystemFolderPath L:\exchange_logs

Move-StorageGroupPath –Identity “Second Storage Group” –LogFolderPath L:\exchange_logs –SystemFolderPath L:\exchange_logs

Using EMC, I can simply change the log file path under the move database wizard. If I use EMC, should I copy the existing logs before changing the location?

Windows Server 2008 Enterprise R2 x64
Exchange 2010 x64 v: 14.01.0218.013

Being better safe than sorry. Thanks in advance.

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I was able to successfully change the logging paths.. excluding the logging for First Storage Group. It  would error out after about 15-20 minutes with a WMI (quota exceeded) error. After further investigation, I ran 2 full backups to truncate the logs and then moved the log to another volume successfully. I appreciate the help and information.