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I am wanting to change the location of our Exchange 2010 logs files to another volume. I do not want to move the database location. Is it best practice to use EMS or EMC to preform this task? If using the EMS, would this command correct/safe to accomplish this:

Move-StorageGroupPath –Identity "First Storage Group –LogFolderPath L:\exchange_logs –SystemFolderPath L:\exchange_logs

Move-StorageGroupPath –Identity “Second Storage Group” –LogFolderPath L:\exchange_logs –SystemFolderPath L:\exchange_logs

Using EMC, I can simply change the log file path under the move database wizard. If I use EMC, should I copy the existing logs before changing the location?

Windows Server 2008 Enterprise R2 x64
Exchange 2010 x64 v: 14.01.0218.013

Being better safe than sorry. Thanks in advance.

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You can use EMC for this. You don't need to copy the log files, Exchagne will do it for you and then re-mount the database. I'd recommend you let Exchange do it for you vs. doing it yourself as it knows when to re-mount the database.

Note that your database will be dismounted and inaccessible while the log files copy so be ready for that lack of availability depending on how many log files you have.

As FYI, here's the MS instructions on doing this:


I was able to successfully change the logging paths.. excluding the logging for First Storage Group. It  would error out after about 15-20 minutes with a WMI (quota exceeded) error. After further investigation, I ran 2 full backups to truncate the logs and then moved the log to another volume successfully. I appreciate the help and information.


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