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AppSense EM and Citrix Streaming - two streams of the same app (1 live, 1 test) - EM only monitors the 1st one

I'm streaming an app into my XenApp server desktop.  EM monitors it OK.  But then I had to re-do the stream because I had installed it into the 'Program Files' folder, and it should be in the 'Program Files (x86)' folder, so that it can integrate with Word 2003 and Outlook 2003 (both installed locally on the XenApp server).

I didn't see a clean way of chianging the install path from with the stream, so I re-did the stream from scratch, and now I have two streamed apps in Citrix DSC, one for each stream.  But, no matter what I do I can't get AppSense to monitor the second app, only the first (there is stuff in HKEY_CURRENT_USER that I want monitored).  To try to clear any cached settings, I had a test user that I deleted its entire AppSense EM profile, and also renamed the redirected 'Roaming' folder (to re-create the user-based RadeCache), but still I can't get AppSense to monitor it.

I'm guessing that it's because both apps occupy the same keys in the registry, but I don't know how to tell AppSense to disregard the first app.

After I deleted the test user's AppSense profile, I then opened the second app, and it did put some stuff (24KB) in the relevant Application Group for that user, but when I try to open the reg setting or the files, both say there's nothing there - but there's 24KB there??

Any ideas what's going on here?


P.S.  I'm using Citrix Streaming v6.5 and AppSense EM v8.2
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8/22/2022 - Mon
James Rankin

Are both these applications in the same Application Group in Personalization Server? First thing I'd try is separating them in two different Application Groups and see what happens. Maybe a good idea to remove the current Personalization data as well to remove any possible anomalies.

Hi kz20fl, yeah I've tried removing the Personalization data for my test user but that didn't fix it.  As for your other suggestion - splitting the two apps into two application groups - I can't, because the EXE is called the same in both apps.  In fact, every file is identical between the two apps.  I was hoping I could specify the EXE by its full path, i.e. to put the "Program Files" one into one Application Group, and put the "Program Files (x86)" one into another group.  But I'm only allowed to use the filename.

Any idea how I can get these two into separate Application Groups?


Right, I've tried deleting the Application from the EM console, and create a new application and application group, and then attached this new application group to Managed Users.

But still I can get appsense to monitor the changes to this app in its new file path.  I'm a bit out of ideas now.  There seems to be something in the appsense database that directs any personalization to the old file path (i.e. the 'Program Files' folder)

Any further ideas?  Thanks.
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Hi, thanks for this, it's really interesting and looks like something that could help me here.  I've added the item in Global Settings, I've added the environment variable (system and user) to both our test XenApp servers.  I then created a new application called csss32.exe.masq and I have that and the original one (csss32.exe) in the same application group, which is in the "Whitelist Application Groups" list of Managed Users.

So far there are only two users using this app (there will soon be loads more), so I don't mind if I have to lose their personalization for this app.

But I still can't get it to monitor the exe from the newer stream.

A couple of questions, firstly about the environment variable, do I need to reboot the system for the changes to take effect?  If so, is there a way of avoiding having to do this, i.e. restart some services or something?  The reason I ask is that our production and test XenApp servers come from a PVS image, which is in read-only mode, so when I reboot any one of them it reverts back to a closed image.

Second question, I have both managed applications (csss32.exe and csss32.exe.masq) in the same application group.  Is this the right thing to do?

I've also tried creating a new user, and opening only the newer stream, but it still won't monitor it.

Thanks for your continued help on this.