Mac Powerpoint 2010 not updating linked tables.

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We have a lot of mac users and we have come across an issue. Our users have created a data table in excel and have linked those to various charts in a powerpoint presentation. While the files are both open and you are updating the totals of the charts, it works like it should. After closing the documents (saving of course) and then making further changes to the excel sheet, when you open the powerpoint back up, the changes are not reflected in the charts until you manually go through and update each chart. This is amazingly time consuming on something that works well when used in windows. Does anyone know how to make this work or is there a third party app that would make this possible. Any help will be appreciated.
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Hello. There are many things that can cause your problem. Like selecting manually update option or place the excel table using paste link option. But i belive that you covered those things up.

I did some research and found this link: Maybe it will help. Take a look and let me know if it helped. I will look more into your problem.

Keep me posted and good luck!


I had tried that and it works on earlier versions of mac office, just not fact the office 2011 for mac is workaround is to install a virtual machine so it can run the microsoft version of office and just be done with it. It's for one lowly project and rather than continue to waste time and effort on something that is so easy and native to a windows machine, I am just going to go the easy way out. Thank you for your time though.

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