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Remote printers - LPD or IPP?

I have a USB printer on a 2008R2 server.

I want to be able to print to it from a remote 2008 server (accounting software in another office).

The software on the other end is quite fussy about changes - so I need to be able to print to a port directly by IP address.

I'm thinking LPD woudl work for that - I've never used IPP - but looks like a lot of overhead.

for either I'll have to open ports on the very basic firewall, so I want to keep them to a Min.

Looking for idea or options to get this done simple and easy.
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I did setip LDP - opened port 515 on the firewall to the server.
Made the queue name simple (one word all caps)
Mnually set the port to LPD
Everything seems to be working great!